Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Plus 10% off.

Gift yourself or your girl the perfect gift

– a jewellery piece with an inspiring message.

All of our jewellery have a 18K rose gold plating option, because no girl can say no to a rose-coloured, dainty little piece of jewellery.

To sweeten the deal, get 10% off when you purchase between now and 20 February, by entering the promo code VDAY10 on check-out.

We love “Against All Odds”, “Clever Girl”, and “Fly High”, “Peak”, and “Soul”, jewellery pieces with unique designs and meaning.


Against All Odds

celebrates persistence and resilience. Rudolph the reindeer got bullied and bruised. But he held his neck high with pride. Like Rudolph, time and again, people fall and they get hurt, but they move forward and live strong.


Clever Girl

symbolizes intelligence, creativity, and quick wits, because raptors are the smartest of dinosaurs. But maybe it has other traits that you find similar to your girl too. 😉


Fly High

tells the story of freedom and independence and goes with any outfits and moods. It whispers in your ears – You can’t always be strong, but you can be brave.



is the ring that embodies success and achievement. We designed it to shape like a mountain. After all, the journey of life is all about the climb, where people overcome challenges and come out on the other side.



The semi-circle in the “Soul” ring represents the soul and the mind. The wearer of the “soul” always strives to be herself, in a world that is constantly trying to make her something else.

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