Gift with Intention

Gift with intention

Strike a meaningful chord this holiday season by gifting yourself and loved ones pieces that will continue to inspire for years to come.

Fly high Necklace

“FlyHigh” tells the story of freedom and independence. Of finally taking that risk and doing something that scares you. Of talking to someone you like for the first time. Of quitting that job that gives you job security and chasing your dream. Of moving out from your family home and living independently.

One of our favourite designs, “Fly High” goes with any outfits and moods. It whispers in your ears – You can’t always be strong, but you can be brave.



Against All Odds necklace

Life is no fairytale. There are lots of ups and downs in life. The truth is, time and again, we stumble, and we fall. But people move forward, like Rudolph the reindeer, who still holds its neck high with pride despite getting bruised and hurt. We designed this piece, titled “Against All Odds”, to celebrate human strength and resilience.


Peak ring

“Peak” is the ring that embodies success and achievement. We designed it to shape like a mountain. After all, the journey of life is all about the climb, where people overcome challenges and come out on the other side.



Soul ring

The crescent or the semi-circle represents the soul and the mind. We hope this piece of jewellery will remind its wearer to be herself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else. Because we believe life is too short not to, and people are happiest when their mind, body, and soul are in sync.


What message would you like to share with yourself or your loved ones?

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