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Embracing your unique story

Each and every individual has a unique journey and deserves to be heard. Nobody should be left to feel alone, judged and called out for deviating from societal expectations. As passionate believers of embracing the diverse definitions of journeys to people, Founders Lyn and Min became invested in giving validity to your voice through a special yet accessible avenue – jewellery. Instead of undermining or forgetting your own journeys, Heard hopes to empower you to express them proudly, to serve as reminders to yourself, and to inspire others.

Inspiration behind the brand

This inspired the enso circle in our logo, where the fuller strokes, juxtaposed with blank spaces in random places, signify the ups and downs of life. Yet, the journey always comes full circle, embracing imperfections within perfection. The incomplete circle represents uncharted paths and our agency to choose the journeys we embark on. One can almost never get an exactly similar enso circle twice, and therein lies the beauty of our own unique and imperfect journeys.